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Things You Didn’t Know About Porn

Porn is more prevalent than ever. In the last 15 years, the number of adult websites has increased a whopping 600% – from 70,000 websites to over 4.2 million. In fact, about half of the internet is made up of porn or porn related content. Wow! That’s a lot of porn… and it’s proof positive that porn is a successful and thriving industry. As a whole, the sex industry is the most profitable industry in the world – surpassing retail, technology and the entertainment industry. Just to give you an idea of the scope of porn, around 13,000 adult videos are produced each year. In total, these films gross over $13 billion dollars in profit. In comparison, Hollywood released only 507 movies last year and made only 8.8 billion in profit.

So, here’s an interesting look at the industry and things you may not have known about porn:

1. According to a recent analysis, “creampie” and “MILF” are the most porn related search terms in the US. However, “teen” is the most searched term across the globe.

2. There are over 68 million daily searches for porn in the United States. This accounts for about 25% of all daily searches.

3. Male porn stars make far less than female porn stars. The average male porn star makes between $50 – $1500 per scene and generally are not paid royalties. However, men who do gay porn make three times the amount they would normally make in straight porn. By comparison, female porn stars can make up to quarter of a million dollars a year.

4. Jenna Jameson is the wealthiest porn star ever. Her net worth is around $30 million thanks to her web presence and sex toys collection.

5. The gang bang world record is held by Lisa Sparxxx who had sex with 919 men in one day. The world record for a “reverse gang bang” is held by Jon Dough, who had sex with 101 women in one day.

6. Research shows that while viewing porn, men do not focus on the breasts or genitalia. Instead, they prefer to focus on a woman’s face, particularly her eyes and lips. In contrast, women who are not on a hormonal birth control will focus on the genitalia. Women on hormonal birth control focus more on the scenery.

7. Christmas Day is the least popular day of the year to view porn. Sundays are the most popular day to view porn. And a recent study shows that most porn viewing occurs between the hours of 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

8. Wicked Pictures in the only porn production company that requires the use of condoms in their films. The remaining production companies deem it “optional”. And those who want to use condoms are less likely to be employed in films.

9. At any given moment, it’s estimated that 30,000 people are watching porn. To meet the vast demand, a new porn video is produced every 39 minutes.

10. Studies around the world have shown that countries with the easiest access to hardcore pornography also have the lowest sex-crime rates.

11. By their early 20’s, nearly 9 out of 10 (87 %) young men report having watched porn. Only 1 in 3 (31%) young women report having watched porn.

12. Research shows that boys begin watching porn at around age 10 or 11. Furthermore, the largest consumer group of internet porn is boys between the ages of 12-17.