Tricks and Treats: Sex Toys for Halloween!

Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday. What’s not to like? Playing dress-up, candy, bonfires, spooky stories, and fun to be had at any age… The only thing that would make it better would be goblins leaving you presents under your pumpkin. And, Halloween is the perfect time to add some new tricks and treats to you sex life. Check out our spook-tacular toys that are perfect for creating howls and screams.

1. Candy, candy, candy – Halloween is all about tons of candy! Why not sweeten things up? We’ve got edible body paints, candy undies, chocolate body dust and more. Dive in here.


2. Masks – Forget the sheet with two holes cut-out for your eyes… Grab a devilish looking hood or mask for some scary good times.


3. Costumes – Halloween is the best time of year to play dress-up and become someone else for the night. Our role-playing costumes are the perfect treats for your BOO.


4. Mad Science – Play the evil doctor and create some thrilling shocks with our electro-stim toys. Your lover will shriek with delight.


5. Spine-tingling chills – Want to send shivers down their back? Pop one of our glass toys into ice water.


6. Spiderwebs – Play the black widow. There will be no escape from pleasure when you catch your prey and get tangled up in our bondage restraints.


7. Magical potions – Don’t be a basic witch. Brew up some screams with our sexy lotions and potions.


Creep it real this Halloween. If you’ve got it, haunt it. And don’t be afraid to scare up some of these sexy Halloween tricks and treats!

A nurse, a cop, and a maid walk into a bar…


Let me set the scene… My lover and I are having lunch. I am getting very animated and excited about an idea I have for the bedroom. It’s a scenario I’d like to play out. He listens intently. Then, my lover begins laughing heartily and says, “Let me imitate you… ‘I want to role play tonight, and these are top 5 ideas!’ You’re going to give me multiple personality disorder at this rate, honey!”

Now, let me explain… One of my favorite things to do to spice up the mood during sex is role playing. I love it, absolutely love it. Why? It adds excitement, mystery, and fun. With role play, your inhibitions can disappear. You’re not you anymore. You don’t have to be confined to yourself. THAT makes sex friskier and more fun! It’s also empowering because it puts YOU in control of your sexuality and your sexual experience. Not to mention, it keeps things from becoming stale between you and your partner. Plus, role playing sex allows you to enact your fantasies, without straying. And, it increases the anticipation for sex by creating the scene for a slow build-up.

Another fun part of role playing? You get to dress up! If you raided my closet, you’d find a huge assortment of wigs, in all sorts of colors and styles. I also have tons of costumes – school girl, hot pink scrubs for the doctor, border patrol guard, cop, French maid, Elvis, bar maid, waitress, Minnie Mouse, pin-ups of all kinds, the dominatrix, nurse, sailor, firefighter… even pants, a shirt, and tie for a little cross-dressing! And of course, it doesn’t help that I work for a sex shop. We have the cutest, sexiest assortments of costumes – from bedroom only outfits, to those suitable for a Halloween party. So, I’m like a kid in candy store!

Want to give role playing a try? Here are some great ideas to get you started:

BAD COP – make your lover a sexy prisoner for the night!
OBEDIENT ROBOT – program your robot to do exactly as you say!
HOT HANDYMAN – you’ve got the tools to get the job done right!
THE STRANGER – meet at a bar & be each other’s one night stand!
THE COED & PROFESSOR – what will you do to make an “A”?
THE CASTING CALL – audition your lover for a homemade movie!
THE NAUGHTY NURSE – give your patient a sexy sponge bath!
THE STRIPPER – get out the “fuck me” heels and thong, and then give your regular a lap dance!
THE MASSEUSE – grab the warm oil and get touchy-feely!
THE FRENCH MAID – feather dust your partner and play at housekeeping!
THE PHOTOGRAPHER & MODEL – grab a camera and snap some racy photos!
THE CAR SALESMAN – show them what’s under the hood, then hit the backseat for a test drive!
THE ROCK STAR – be a groupie and have fun backstage!

Need a costume? Check out our fantasy lingerie by DreamGirl, Leg Avenue, 7 Til Midnight & more!