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Fun Things to Do with Lube!

Check out our extensive selection of System Jo lubes!

Check out our extensive selection of System Jo lubes!

Lube is always a great addition to your sex life. It can be used to enhance the pleasurable sensations of sex and masturbation. Lube can also aid with vaginal dryness or discomfort. Plus, it can provide flavor during oral sex, which also increases salivation. And when used with condoms, lube increases pleasure for both partners and decreases the risk of condom breakage. Want to know more? Read here to discover all the fun you can have with lube!

  • Spread a warming lube like Wet’s Warming Gel on his balls. Then, give him oral while lightly massaging his balls.
  • Slip a few drops of lube inside his condom before he slips it on. The added sensation will feel amazing for him.
  • Slick up any of your sex toys or vibes with a water-based lube like Pjur’s Woman Aqua Gel. Then, hand the toy over to your partner to use on you!
  • Put a few drops of warming lube on your hands. Then, give him a slick hand job he’ll never forget.
  • Drop some warming lube into a masturbator like a Climax Gem Stroker. Then give him a life-like masturbation experience!
  • Spread a strawberry-flavored lube on his cock and lick it like a lollipop. Try Sex Tart’s Strawberry Punch lube for a true candy taste!
  • Slick lube on your boobs. Then, slide your boobs up and down his back for a super hot massage!
  • Spread warming lube between your ta-tas. Then, gently guide his penis in and out of your cleavage.
  • Give each other a sexy back massage using a few drops of a massage glide such as System Jo’s Warming Massage Glide. Glides are an all-in-one lube that act as a massage oil AND personal lubricant!
  • While you go down on him, lube up your thumb and use it to massage the spot between his balls and rectum.
  • Drizzle a flavored lube on your labia and clitoris and have your partner lick it off while trying to guess the flavor.
  • Spread cooling lube like System Jo’s H2O Cooling lube on your fingers. Then, use them to massage each others nipples. You can also blow on them for an added sensation!
  • Tell your partner they can only use their hands on you. Spread a few drops of lube on their hands and let them go at it.
  • Lay a towel down on your bed. Then, cover your bodies in a silicone lube such as Liquid Sex Silicone. Finally, enjoy the erotic sensation of sliding up and down each other’s bodies while you get it on.
  • Keep a small bottle of lube hidden behind the shampoo for spontaneous wet fun! We suggest Sex in the Shower Lube, which is specially formulated for sex in water!

Got a fun idea to share? Let us know!

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Solo Time: Tips for pleasing yourself

Whether you’re single, or just need a little alone time without your partner, masturbation is a good way to release some sexual energy. Aside from being fun, masturbation has also be proven to be good for you! And, it’s never a crime to be good to yourself… Masturbation can boost your immunity, relieve stress, help with sexual function, and may even reduce risks of cancer. So in honor of self-pleasure, here are tips to make your solo time very satisfying!


Try a masturbator… It’s not be the real thing. But, mastubators are still fun, snug, and feel great! And, you get to have faux oral, vaginal, or anal sex with any number of porn stars. We even carry fantasy styles, if you’re feeling particularly freaky!! Check out our selection here.

Use a warming lube in your hands or with a masturbator for a more lifelike, enhanced feel… The warm sensation adds to the realism and feels great on your penis. Check out our selection here.

Try watching a POV porn… Shot at a realistic angle for a fantasy feel, these pornos make you feel like you are part of the action. Pair the POV porn with a masturbator to match the action and you’re set!

Use nipple clamps… Your nipples are full of erogenous nerves. Stimulating them feels great. Plus, the extra pinch will intensify your climax! Check out our selection here.

Try an anal plug… Stimulating and applying pressure to the prostate with an anal plug can provide INTENSE orgasms for men. Check out our selection here.

Squeeze your balls… That’s right. Gently (or firmly) squeeze and tug down on your own balls right before you climax. This will also create a much more energetic and intense climax.


Get to know your clitoris… 80% of women need some clitoral stimulation to achieve an orgasm. The best way to master the clitoral orgasm is to be hands-on! Using a good lube and your fingers, stroke your clitoris with the speed and pressure that feels right for you. Don’t want to use your hands? Try stroking a vibrating toy against your clitoris for maximum please. Check out our selection here.

Get to know your g-spot… applying pressure to the g-spot will create a much more pleasurable experience and can intensify your orgasm. Try using a vibrator that is specially designed to rub against the g-spot. Check out our selection here.

Use a quality lube… Lube on your clitoris, as well as a toy, will create a more sensual experience. Try a warming or cooling lube for even more heightened sensations. Check out our selection here.

Get in the mood… Try reading some of our erotica, or watching a little porn, to get you turned on. Either will enhance your mood and will help you to create a fantasy you can pleasure yourself to. Check out our erotica here.

Give anal a try… An anal toy or plug puts pressure on the vaginal wall and will greatly intensify your orgasm. Not to mention, the anus is packed full of erogenous nerves endings! Check out our anal toys here.

Hit the water… the warm sensation of a bath or shower goes a long way in relaxing your body. A relaxed body will make it easier to achieve orgasm and can make your climax stronger… and it also feels sensuous to have the water against your skin. Want to use a toy in the bath? Try one of our completely water-proof vibes such as the We-Vibe 3 or the Form 2 by Jimmy Jane.

10 Sizzling Sex Tips for the 4th of July!

Ahhh, the 4th of July… It’s one of my favorite holidays – cookouts, fireworks, friends, the pool, and freedom. Not to mention, a day off work! What else could make the holiday any more fun? I’ve got a few ideas…

Here are my top 10 ways to make this 4th of July extra HOT, with loads of fireworks:

  1. At party with friends? At the local pool? Sneak off with your lover to the bathroom for a quickie or some fooling around. You don’t have to go all the way to keep things hot. Get each other revved up, then save the rest for when you’re all alone.
  2. Try one of our warming or cooling lubes. The warming sensation will create fireworks between the two of you. The tingling cooling sensation will add a thrilling chill to the heat of the moment.
  3. Streak! That’s right – strip down to nothing and run! The feeling of being naked in public can be exhilarating. And, being naked increases your libido!
  4. Don’t want to be naked in public? Stay indoors all day… in the buff! Make it a clothes-free day at home and let things heat up whenever and wherever you want!
  5. Too hot for the pool? Have some fun in the shower or bath. We carry an extensive line of Sex in the Shower products, including wall attachments, vibrating loofas, and waterproof lubes. We also carry some fantastic, 100% water submersible toys by Jimmy Jane and We-Vibe.
  6. Want to cool things down? Try one of our glass toys that’s been chilled in the freezer! Want to heat things up? Drop the glass toy in a hot water!
  7. Be the master of CHILL! Keep a spray bottle filled with ice water next to the bed, and give each other a spritz! Aim for nerve-packed areas like the nipples, the back of the neck, the inner thighs, the tailbone, or the backs of your knees.
  8. DRINK! Alcohol naturally loosens your inhibitions!! Don’t drink? Try one of our tropical flavored lubes, massage oils, body gels, or lickable dusters! From pina colada to tropical pineapple, we have just the flavor to mix things up!
  9. Ice, ice, baby… That’s right – experiment with ice! Or, keep it sweet with a popsicle or some ice cream. Dab small amounts onto places you’d like to lick or be licked!
  10. Want things to get really HOT? Turn off the AC! Sweating allows you to release your natural pheromones. Don’t want to do it the old-fashioned way? Try one of our many pheromone infused body sprays, lotions, or massage oils!