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Butt plugs… yes, butt plugs!

I know what you’re thinking… “A whole post about butt plugs?!” YES! This is an entire blog dedicated to butt plugs.

Why? Because I have a thing about butt plugs. I just like the way they feel. I like the sensation they provide during masturbation or sex… Therefore, I’ve tried many different sizes, shapes, and materials. I’ve tried non-vibrating and vibrating. So, I wanted to impart my knowledge and opinions on the best things to put up your butt. 😛

To begin with, let me tell you why you should use a butt plug. If you’re a man, that’s an easy answer – prostate stimulation. A butt plug will press against your prostate, which feels really good if you’re willing to try it. Plus, the pressure on your prostate will cause a much stronger, more intense orgasm. If you are a woman, a similar reasoning applies. You also have strong nerve endings in your rectum. The pressure will in turn create stronger, more intense orgasms. In addition, the pressure tightens your vaginal wall. During penetration, the snugger fit will make it easier for your partner to stimulate your g-spot. See? Butt plugs are good for everyone!!

Before you get started using an sort of plug, consider your 2 things: your lube and your anal experience level…

In regards to lubes, a silicone-based lube is the best choice for anal, as it does not absorb quickly into the rectum. That means it will last longer and create a smoother glide. However, silicone lube cannot be used with any sort of rubber, jelly, PVC, or silicone toys. It will melt the material, which is a big bummer (pun intended). But, silicone lubes work great on glass, ceramic, or metal toys. If you plan to use a rubber, jelly, PVC, or silicone toy, make sure you use a water-based lube. Just keep in mind that you may need to reapply the lube often, as it will eventually be absorbed into the rectum.

In regards to experience, pick a size that fits your level of anal comfort. If it’s your first time, don’t go for the big plug. Start small and work your way up! Even a finger-sized plug can provide some extra sensation and enjoyment.

Now, here are my suggestions on butt plugs. All of these plugs I have used, some of them more than others. There’s a little something for everyone, and I don’t think you can go wrong with any of my picks…

Doc Johnson Classic Butt Plug Small – A classic toy for beginners, this butt Plug has a smooth, tear drop shape ideal for first-time insertion. The tapered body gives a comfortable feeling and flared base holds the toy securely in place. The plug is made from non-phthalate body safe material. It’s safe to use with water-based lubes.

High Intensity Vibro Tease – This is also a great toy for beginners! This slender probe has a removable, high-intensity, quiet, push button stimulator. The vibrations are strong enough to resonate through the rectal wall, making it pleasurable for your partner, too! It’s also made from a soft jelly material, which is easy on the bottom!! It’s safe to use with water-based lubes.

Ceramix No. 2 – This is a plug I would suggest for someone who is more experienced in anal play. It has an ultra smooth surface for easier insertion. It’s hollow and features a silicone plug at the base, allowing you to fill it with warm or cold water. The toy will heat up or cool down instantly and will retain the adapted temperature for up to 20 minutes. The extra sensation of temperature play can take the anal experience to a whole new level! This plug is safe to use with silicone-based or water-based lubes.

Ram Inflatable Vibe Expander – This plug can be used by both beginners or the more experienced. Deflated, the largest end has a 1.375 inch diameter. When used for training, the expanding size can help go from slow to WHOA! Inflated, the RAM provides big stretch! So the more advanced player can pump up the volume to super size. It has a variable speed vibrator that everyone will enjoy. It’s safe to use with water-based lubes.

Metal Worx Slim Fave – This plug can be used by both beginners or the more experienced. This luxurious, dual-ended metal pleasure is made from high quality steel. It’s an all-in-one toy, perfect for vaginal or anal play. The hygienic metal finish is sleek, nonporous, and easy to clean, while the design is made to excite. The smooth, metallic surface adds in insertion, too! This plug is safe to use with silicone-based or water-based lubes.

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Be Smooth, Play HARD: Glass, Ceramic, and Metal Sex Toys


When you think of sex toys, you probably envision the traditional dildo or dong… a brightly colored, rubbery toy that’s easy to fling around and use as a weapon (if you’re feeling silly). And truth be told, despite the often humorous appearance of these toys, they can feel really amazing when used for pleasure. Many of them even have life-like appearances and feels. Good ones can come pretty close to mimicking the real deal. And if you add in vibrations, rotating beads, and rabbit-heads? Well, watch the fuck out! You’re definitely going to have a good time or two… or four…

But have you ever craved something different? Have you wanted to try something a little edgier? Or, maybe your body doesn’t like the traditional toys. You get yeast infections, or are allergic to the materials…

Well, I have a sexy solution for both of those problems – glass, ceramic, and metal sex toys!

Let me tell you about the more erotic benefits first:

  • To begin with, glass, ceramic, and metal toys are extremely hard, unbreakable in fact. And they tend to be heavy. The hard and heavy nature of these toys creates an entirely different sensation, compared to traditional toys, when used vaginally or anally. And they tend to have more heft, and therefore pressure, in the orifice of choice!
  • Traditional toys have much more friction due to their rubbery surface. Glass, ceramic, and metal toys are completely smooth. Their smooth surface has almost zero friction. The in-and-out sensation is more like a glide. This makes them perfect to use as anal toys because the reduced friction makes for easier penetration.
  • Unlike traditional toys, glass, ceramic, and metal toys can hold heat and cold. Pop them in ice water or warm water, and you’ll have an instantly different feeling!

And what about the health benefits?

  • Unlike traditional toys, glass, ceramic, and metal toys are non-porous. This means they will not hold onto bacteria like traditional toys. So, if you are prone to yeast or bacterial infections, these are the perfect toys for you!
  • Many people are allergic to the materials of traditional toys. Glass, ceramic, and metal toys are free from silicone, rubber, latex, and phthalates!

And then there are the practical benefits:

  • You can use any type of lube with these types of toys. Plus, their smooth surface means you can use less lube, AND the lube will last even longer than on traditional toys.
  • They are extremely durable and will last forever. The materials won’t degrade and there are no parts to break!
  • Also, glass, ceramic, and metal toys are extremely easy to clean. You can just pop them in the dishwasher!

Curious and want to try out a glass, ceramic, or metal toy? Let me suggest a few of my favorites…

Metal Worx Slim Fave – This is a luxurious, metal, dual-ended pleasure probe. Cast in high quality steel and hand-polished to perfection, this all-in-one exciter is perfect for vaginal or anal play and equal parts art and pleasure. The hygienic metal finish is sleek, non-porous, and easy to clean, while the design is body-inspired and made to excite.

Icicles #7 – Hand-crafted with amazing attention to detail, this luxurious glass massager will leave you breathless. This glass wand is sleek, unique, and made to play hard. And, the pleasure bubbles will glide effortlessly against all the right places!

Don Wands Real Tip Rocket Blue – Beautiful to look at, fun to play with! This realistically shaped glass toy will never lose it’s erection!

Overall, glass, ceramic and metal toys are a highly erotic, body-safe, AND an exciting way to add something new to your sex life! So, don’t be shy… Give one of these toys a try! I promise you won’t be disappointed!