Celebrate National Masturbation Month

masturbation month

International Masturbation Day is an annual event celebrated on May 7th to protect the right to masturbate. The first National Masturbation Day was first observed on May 7th, 1995. It was created in honor of Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders, who was fired by President Bill Clinton for suggesting masturbation be a part of sex education curriculum for students. Since then, International Masturbation Day has been expanded to include the entire month of May, known as International Masturbation Month!

At the RedDoor, we love masturbation! We encourage you to celebrate International Masturbation Month as often as possible during the month of May. Why? As San Fran based Good Vibrations puts it,  “Of all the kinds of sex people can have, masturbation is the most universal and important, yet few people talk about it freely. Worse, many people still feel it is “second best” or problematic in some way. Masturbation Month lets us emphasize how great it is. it’s natural, common, and fun!” Plus, whether you’re single, or just need a little alone time without your partner, masturbation is a great way to release sexual energy. Aside from being fun, masturbation has also be proven to be good for you! It can boost your immunity, relieve stress, help with sexual function, and may even reduce risks of cancer. For some great tips on masturbation, click here.

And in honor of International Masturbation Month, here’s a fun Masturbation Challenge to inspire and stimulate you! See how many you can check off the list…

  • Masturbate to porn
  • Masturbate in the shower
  • Masturbate in the car
  • Masturbate at work
  • Masturbate without your hands
  • Masturbate outside
  • Masturbate with someone watching
  • Masturbate using an anal toy
  • Masturbate at a party
  • Masturbate in the bathroom of a restaurant
  • Masturbate in the bathroom of a bar
  • Masturbate first thing in the morning before getting up
  • Masturbate while reading erotica
  • Masturbate in the kitchen
  • Masturbate laying next to some who’s masturbating
  • Masturbate, record a video, and send it to your partner
  • Masturbate with a vibrating toy
  • Masturbate with the shower head
  • Masturbate, but don’t cum
  • Masturbate with your underwear on
  • Masturbate with your clothes on
  • Masturbate to a nude magazine
  • Masturbate to a picture of your favorite star
  • Masturbate with a warming lube or gel
  • Masturbate with a cooling lube or gel
  • Masturbate with a pillow
  • Masturbate instead of taking a booty call
  • Masturbate and tweet about it
  • Masturbate your partner while they masturbate you

Got a idea for the challenge? Comment below! Need inspiration? Visit the RedDoor online!

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