What Is Sexy? Part 2

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog entitled, “What Is Sexy?” I asked my readers to let me know what they find sexy in a partner, outside of the usual ways like long legs and red hair. Here’s what you said…


“Confidence is sexy. Know what you want and ask for it– very few people can read your mind. Have a healthy enough self-esteem to accept redirection; ie. if something’s not working for me, I want to be able to say so without worrying about my partner getting a complex. It’s sexy when they have the confidence to just try a different angle/position/whatever instead of dwelling upon the fact that I didn’t enjoy one or two moves they made. Body confidence is sexy, too. Be comfortable with your naked body no matter the size or shape. (Hey, if you’ve got someone willing to get naked with you, they are interested! Stop thinking about the jiggly parts and move onto the fun.)”

“Sexy comes from within, and outlasts what people see on the outside….looks eventually fade.”

“My husband would say confidence. No matter what you think of yourself, your weight, etc. It will kill a mood to be anything less than confident. Skip the pity party! And him excepting all my flaws is definitely super sexy!”


“A smart man really gets me going. I need that mental stimulation.”

“A girl with a brain, who can challenge me.”


“Someone who is creative and flexible, willing to try new things and think outside the box…”

Sense of Humor…

“A man who can laugh out loud. Like really laugh and enjoy himself.”

“Some who is funny really turns me on – a witty comeback or playful jab…”

Mental Connections…

“It’s digging on someone who is totally mentally connected to you. ”

“Someone who has common interests and goals…”


“[Someone] who knows you and loves you despite your faults and fuck ups. Who knows that your past makes you who you are now and not who you were. THAT’S what makes my panties moist!”

“Unconditional love… loving me despite my flaws…”

Facial Hair…

“I find men with beards sexy. Not that fu man chu crap that hangs down but a trimmed Grizzly Adams type beard. I like chest hair and a tuft of hair above the butt crack on a mans back. Moderately hairy legs too. I dig it when my hair flows on a mans body while being intimate.”

“A woman with long locks… I don’t care the color. I just like to run my fingers through long hair.”


“I find it extremely sexy to see a father involved with his children.”

“Someone who loves my kids as much as I do…”

Kindness and Positivity…

“A man that is kind and loving to animals.”

“A laid back, but positive attitude… a gentleness and a romantic soul.”

The Everyday Stuff…

“Sexy is simple, everyday stuff. I LOVE to watch a man shave with shaving cream. Electric razors just don’t do it. The act of shaving is very manly to me. And tying a tie. Just that simply thing is fascinating to watch (because it is a dang complicated knot) and so very masculine.”

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