What Is Sexy? Part 1

What is sexy? That is a loaded question. If you look up the word “sexy” in the dictionary, you’ll find a general definition such as this…

sexy capture

Usually, we tend to go with the first definition having to do with allure and attractiveness. But, if you dig deeper, many us will ultimately describe “sexy” in ways that more closely represent the second definition.

Take this as a case in point… I recently had a conversation with a group of my girlfriends about things that turn us on. In the beginning, our answers ranged from things like sexy arms or green eyes. The more we talked, the more the answers changed to things like our partners doing the dishes or mowing the lawn, or to them telling quirky jokes or always opening doors. The further we got into the conversation, the more the answers turned from how someone looks to how someone treats us, or how our partners act around us. In fact, we talked at length about the various things our partners did that we found appealing, that made us feel cared for, or that made our partners unique. We went well beyond a nice ass and brawny shoulders.

So, I decided to embark on a journey. I want to know “What IS sexy?” I am reaching out far and wide to compile definitions of sexy, from all perspectives – men, women, parents, LGBT, etc. I want to hear from friends, fans, and readers of this blog. I want to know what YOU find sexy, beyond the predictable answers of a nice smile or buff abs.

To begin the series, I though I would share a few thoughts on what others have found sexy in me… ya know, to get the ball rolling! I don’t mean this to be an ego stroke. I just wanted to set the tone and hopefully inspire my readers to explore the topic with me…

Typically, as someone gets to know me, they stick to the traditional “sexy” compliments – my breasts are full and round and lovely, my kisses are deep and passionate, my legs are long and shapely, my booty is ample and easy to grab. But as time goes by, my sexy changes. It becomes my husky voice, the way I laugh out loudly and sometimes snort, my honesty and straightforwardness, my sly sense of humor, my confidence in my body despite my weight, my adventurous spirit in life and in bed, my cooking skills, my big-hearted nature, and my intelligence. In fact, most men that I have dated have listed my smarts as the top thing they find sexy about me.

So now it’s your turn! I want to hear from YOU! Tell me, in your own words – What is sexy? Comment below or email us at charity@thereddoorstore.com




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