The Art of Sensual Massage


Want to bring a new level of romance and intimacy to your love life? Give a sensual massage to your partner!

Sensual massages are sexier and more intimate than a typical massage. They can really set the scene for an erotic, special, relaxing and intimate evening. Setting the mood, learning some basic massage techniques, and having a willingness to experiment can all go a long way in creating intimacy and sensuality when giving your partner a massage.

So, take the time to enhance your love-life with these tips for turning a regular rub-down into a sensual massage.

1. Drape the bed – Massage oil stains. So, I suggest investing in a Liberator Fascinator Throe. These supremely plush, washable throws are specially designed to slurp up love juices, lubes, lotions, and any other leftovers of sexual play. Don’t want to go this route? Buy an expensive, long, yet plush beach towel to drape across the bed. BUT, make sure it’s a solid color and super soft!

2. Pick out a quality massage oil – We carry a large selection of massage oils – organic, scented, warming, flavored/edible, and lubricating. Decide what would work best for your intimate ideas and your partner’s skin. Make sure you buy more than you may actually need; the more you have, the more sensual the massage experience! For our selection of massage oils online, click here.

3. Create ambience – It’s hard to feel romantic when there’s laundry on the floor. Take the time to clean up the bedroom and make the bed. I also suggest dimming the lights or lighting some candles. If you’re feeling really romantic, sprinkle rose petals across the bed. Finally, set the mood with a mellow, yet sexy playlist for your iPod.

4. Follow basic massage techniques – You can read up on different types of massage and strokes. But, learning the basics can go a long way. Here are a few basic tips to follow:

  • Warm the oil in your hands by pouring a small amount in your palms and lightly rubbing them together.
  • Then, spread the oil over the skin using smooth strokes to prepare the skin for the massage.
  • Use long languid strokes to work knots and to help relax the muscles.
  • Decide where you will begin. A traditional approach is to begin with the back, buttocks and back of the legs, then work on the feet, front of the legs and progress up the body. Finish with the face and head.
  • Always completely finish one area of the body before moving on to the next.
  • Try not to talk. Keeping it quiet is part of the relaxing, sensuous atmosphere you’re aiming to create.

5. Communicate your desires – Before starting the massage, talk about what you both want out of it. If this is for intimacy, keep the massage about touching and creating closeness. Leave the erotic touches for later. You can take turns giving each other massages, then shower up together afterwards. I promise you’ll feel amazingly connected. If you’re in this for eroticism, touch all the erogenous zones as part of your massage… but do so slowly and with intent! Don’t rush things. Delight in the sensation of touch. Make each stroke slow and purposeful – lingering, grazing, lightly pinching, etc. The slow build of passion makes a sensual massage all that much better!

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