PSA: No kids please!!

I love our costumers. I do. I think anyone who works for our stores will say that helping customers is their favorite part of the job. You get to talk about sex. You get to help them have fun. And sometimes, you even learn new things from them! But, there is one thing we all don’t understand… bringing your child(ren) into the store…

So, I feel the need to say this, as it happens over and over and over again. I’m not trying to start a debate or analyze the effects of it…  Just trying to get the message out to all parents… PLEASE, please,  please, do not try to bring your children into our stores!!! Read the big sign next to the door that says “No one under 18 admitted. Must present ID”, and leave the kiddos at home!

If you have to ask “why”, here are a few reasons:

1. It is against the law for anyone under 18 to be in our stores. Anyone.under.18. Anyone.
2. We don’t like it when you call us names because we ask you to leave. But, you still  can’t come in with your kids. See #1.
3. We understand you might not be able to get a babysitter. But, you still can’t come in with your kids. See #1.
4. We realize they are young enough that they probably won’t know what’s going on. But, you still can’t come in with your kids. See #1.
5. We realize you may just be here for a grab and go item, like for 5 minutes. But, you still can’t come in with  your kids. See #1.

And even more importantly, we’d really appreciate it if you didn’t lock your kids in the car while you come in to shop… or leave them outside the door to the store!! It’s just that we love kids and don’t want anything bad to happen to them. It’s so easy to get distracted in our stores and lose track of time. You just never know what could happen…

This is a daily problem my coworkers. Some of us have children. So, we get having a limited amount of time. And, we really do want to help you and provide the BEST customer service around. But, we sell almost everything in our store on our website!! You don’t have to come in at all! Order online. Save time and don’t worry about a babysitter. Then, get your love on!!

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