The Clitoral Truth…

The Clitoral Truth: Facts every woman (and man) should know!

Wow. You don’t know how many people I have encountered who do not know what a clitoris is… OR what to do with it!! It’s SUCH an important part of a woman’s sexual pleasure. And because it’s so important, I’m dedicating a blog to educateing and enlightening you about the clitoris!


  • The clitoris is a small bud-like formation that is located slightly above the opening to the vagina.
  • Clitoris size and shape differs from woman to woman, but it is generally between 1/8″-3/8″ in size.
  • The clitoris is the only human organ designed purely for pleasure, and no other reason.
  • The clitoris is equivalent to the penis; it’s packed with nerve endings & becomes engorged when she’s aroused.
  • Because the clitoris is like a penis, a woman almost always needs some sort of clitoral stimulation to climax.

VITAL INFO: 75% of women need clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm. Penetration isn’t enough on its own.


  • Consider pleasing her FIRST. Since most women need clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm, foreplay is a must!
  • When pleasuring the clitoris manually or orally, go slowly and use lots of lube. Slow, steady, gentle, repetitive strokes will create a much more intense orgasm.
  • For extra sensation, use a clitoral pump or a clitoral stimulating gel to increase blood flow.
  • Positions for maximizing clit stimulation are girl on top and rear entry. Both provide access to the clitoris for either manual stimulation or vibrator stimulation. Check out our clitoral vibes here!
  • Remember… Every woman is different! Talk to your partner about what makes HER happy and go from there!

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